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Oakland A's Coaching Q&A: Todd Steverson, P1

Steverson is on the road again.

After a busy spring training at the A's minor league facility, Oakland A's minor league hitting coordinator Todd Steverson has begun the "roving" part of his job description. Steverson's first stop on his tour of the A's minor league affiliates is with the Stockton Ports. We spoke with Steverson as he made his way to San Jose to join the Ports for their commuter series against the Giants. Part one

OaklandClubhouse: Is this your first trip out of Phoenix this season? Todd Steverson: This is. I was in Phoenix at extended. OC: How is the extended program going so far? TS: They're doing fine. I think they have only lost one game up to this point, as far as I can remember. They have may tied one, but things are going pretty good down there. We have all of our Latin players in camp now, like... Recommended Stories

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