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By The Numbers: Matt Watson, OF

Watson was the best Rivercat hitter in 2005.

Split statistics can often tell the most compelling picture of how well a ballplayer really played. If his splits are outstanding in one area, they can often overshadow areas of weakness. From time to time, we will take a look at the split statistics of various Oakland A's minor leaguers to get a better handle on how they did in certain situations. In this article, we examine Matt Watson's splits from 2005 to see what kind of a hitter he might be if he makes the big league squad this season.

At the start of last season, Matt Watson appeared to be very much a forgotten man. After an outstanding 2004 season with Sacramento, Watson was given little chance to win a spot on the A's roster in 2005 and he appeared stuck behind a wave of A's outfielders on the depth chart. However, an outstanding start to his 2005 campaign coincided with injuries to the A's outfield depth chart, giving Watson... Recommended Stories

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