Complete Oakland A's Top-50 Prospect List

Travis Buck is at the top.

For the past six weeks, we have been bringing you our Oakland A's Top-50 prospect list in sets of five. Now that we have completed all 10 sets of five, here is the list of the A's top-50 prospects in its entirety.

1. Travis Buck, OF
2. Javier Herrera, OF
3. Daric Barton, 1B
4. Kurt Suzuki, C
5. Matt Sulentic, OF
6. Kevin Melillo, 2B
7. Trevor Cahill, SP
8. Landon Powell, C
9. Richie Robnett, OF
10. Jared Lansford, SP
11. Jermaine Mitchell, OF
12. Jason Windsor, SP
13. Marcus McBeth, RP
14. Cliff Pennington, SS
15. Scott Deal, SP
16. Craig Italiano, SP
17. Vince Mazzaro, SP
18. Chad Boyd, OF
19. Andrew Bailey, SP
20. Danny Putnam, OF
21. Shane Komine, SP
22. Chad Lee, P
23. Jeff Baisley, 3B
24. Dan Meyer, SP
25. Toddric Johnson, OF
26. Justin Sellers, SS
27. Jason Ray, P
28. Dallas Braden, SP
29. Ben Jukich, SP
30. James Shull, SP
31. Connor Robertson, RP
32. Brad Kilby, RP
33. Gregorio Petit, 2B/SS
34. Anthony Recker, C
35. Ryan Webb, SP
36. Myron Leslie, 3B/OF
37. Shane Keough, OF
38. Brad Ziegler, P
39. Christian Vitters, SS
40. Tom Everidge, 1B
41. Mike Mitchell, RP
42. Vasili Spanos, 3B/1B
43. Lorenzo Macias, OF
44. Brian Snyder, 3B
45. Michael Rogers, SP
46. Brad Knox, SP
47. Isaac Omura, 2B
48. Scot Drucker, P
49. Ben Fritz, P
50. Scott Moore, RP
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