Oakland A's Top-50 Prospects

Daric Barton is ready for the big stage.

Over the past several weeks, we have revealed our list of the top-50 prospects in the Oakland A's chain heading into the 2008 season. Inside, find out the entire list from one to 50. To find out more about each prospect, sign-up for a subscription to OaklandClubhouse.com today!

The Oakland A's Top-50 Prospects
as of 12/07/07

1. Daric Barton
2. Trevor Cahill
3. James Simmons
4. Andrew Bailey
5. Sean Doolittle
6. Jermaine Mitchell
7. Corey Brown
8. Javier Herrera
9. Henry Rodriguez
10. Grant Desme
11. Vince Mazzaro
12. Jerry Blevins
13. Josh Horton
14. Sam Demel
15. Richie Robnett
16. Mike Madsen
17. Andrew Carignan
18. Jared Lansford
19. Jason Fernandez
20. Landon Powell
21. Anthony Recker
22. Gregorio Petit
23. Travis Banwart
24. Craig Italiano
25. Matt Sulentic
26. Kevin Melillo
27. Jeff Baisley
28. Danny Putnam
29. Justin Sellers
30. Dan Meyer
31. Danny Hamblin
32. Ronny Morla
33. Cliff Pennington
34. Jason Windsor
35. Jeff Gray
36. Michael Richard
37. Mike Mitchell
38. Brad Kilby
39. Connor Robertson
40. Brad Knox
41. Nick Blasi
42. Tom Everidge
43. Shane Keough
44. Myron Leslie
45. Jason Ray
46. Ryan Webb
47. Scott Deal
48. Mike Affronti
49. Patrick Currin
50. Scott Hodsdon

Scouting Reports On All 50 Top Prospects
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Prospects 5-1

Prospects 10-6

Prospects 15-11

Prospects 20-16

Prospects 25-21

Prospects 30-26

Prospects 35-31

Prospects 40-36

Prospects 45-41

Prospects 50-46

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