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Oakland A's Q&A: Keith Lieppman, Part One

It has been a busy first few weeks for Oakland A's Director of Player Personnel Keith Lieppman. For the third consecutive year, Lieppman has been forced to put minor league rosters together piecemeal thanks to injuries that have affected the entire organization. We caught-up with Lieppman on Wednesday to discuss those injuries, some early impressions and more. This is Part One of that interview...

OaklandClubhouse: We spoke a little bit this spring about the impact that injuries have on player development in terms of having to move guys around a lot. Has it been difficult to set your teams while having to move so many guys around? Keith Lieppman: Yeah, it's turned into a giant jigsaw puzzle that changes locations every day. There are a lot of people who are affected. It's a jigsaw puzzle... Recommended Stories

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