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Frankie Piliere's Take On A's Draft Class

Did Russell's selection surprise Piliere?

The Oakland A's took a different direction with their draft class in 2012 from what they had done in past years. Heavy on high school players in the early rounds, the A's 2012 draft class is filled with high-risk, high-upside talent and power arms. We recently asked former Indians and Rangers scout and current National Baseball Expert Frankie Piliere for his take on the A's class.

OaklandClubhouse: You picked up on the A's interest in Addison Russell at 11 the week leading up to the draft, but were you surprised at all that they went with Russell at that pick? Frankie Piliere: I was surprised. I heard them associated with him but there are a lot of things that you hear that you don't really buy [leading up to the draft]. You figure maybe they are interested in him for a... Recommended Stories