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McWashington: Let's talk twitter & Cougs

McWashington: Let's talk twitter & Cougs

SOCIAL MEDIA and the winning formula. It's a topic our broadcasting team has talked about on air this season -- specifically how social media can/does affect leadership on the Cougs and on college football teams in general. With Mike Leach on Tuesday banning his players from using twitter, it's a topic that deserves scrutiny. Did Leach make the right call? You better believe he did. Here's why...

In 1983, the science fiction movie War Games taught movie audiences that winning was easy to instruct. Play hundreds of games of tic-tac-toe, and one could stave off world abomination. Whereas Cougar football is concerned, the task is seemingly much more difficult. The Cougs have suffered four straight losses, none of which can be blamed on X's and O's. Though at times appearing outmanned, three... Recommended Stories

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