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Is Verlander's Velocity Reason for Concern?

Verlander's Velo is Down (Kim Klement-USA TODAY)

Despite the loss on Saturday, Justin Verlander is off to arguably the best start of his career, with an ERA under two, an FIP just barely over two, while striking out ten batters per nine innings. Despite those results, much has been made about Justin Verlander's velocity dip so far this season. As a potential leading indicator of injury or declined performance, should Tigers fans be worried?

To set the stage, this discussion of Justin Verlander will be focused solely on the velocity of his four seam fastball so far this season, and compare that to prior years. Data referenced will include PITCHF/x data from FanGraphs and PITCH INFO data from Brooks Baseball. So, to kick things off, Verlander's velocity is down. His average fastball velocity sits at 93.3 this year, and 94.7 last year... Recommended Stories

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